Eurolite - "Innovation" Mural

Dylan reached out to me in the summer of 2015 to design a mural for Eurolite, a modern light fixtures show room. They were renovating the store, and wanted something modern, urban and bold for their new showroom space.

After checking out the space, I quickly discovered how beautiful the world of high-end light fixtures is. I chose the word "Innovation" as the word to paint, because it truly describes what Eurolite presents in their showroom. The wall was painted over the course of a week, being 60ft long and 15ft high. It was painted with acrylic-latex interior paint, spray paint and Molotow One-For-All markers. Working with Dylan, his family, and team was a dream. They are exceptionally accommodating and kind people. Please enjoy some progress and detail photos that my friend Nick Alexander. (For more of his work, check his Instagram @alexander.peli)

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